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Short Match

1.11 usd

Short Match is the best application to find a decision with a lot of fun! :-) The player, who pulls the shortest match loses.
- who will pays for the next drink ?
- who washes the dishes ?
- who will bring the garbage out ?
- who plays the first turn in the "Meier" App ?(ideal combination: "Short Match" and the "Meier" App)
Short Match helps you with this and many other decisions..
*** NEW ***Now up to 11 players! So that now entire soccer / football teams can make their decisions!
- finding decisions with a lot of fun
- for groups between 2 and 11 players
- short match place is random, it never stays on the same location
- runs on Smartphones and Tablets
- all graphics 3D rendered
- crystal clear sound effects
playing rules:
One match for every player. Only one match is short and broken. Every player pulls one match. The player who pulled the short match lost. The order of the matches is always different and totally random.
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